Friday, January 27, 2012


Diego lost his second tooth today.  Lower-right.  He abides by the "no pull" policy and so it had been hanging on by a hair's-width for the past week or so.  It came out as he was pushing it with his tongue while listening to our audiobook right after lunch.  (Wolf tales from 'round the world.)  He was so good-naturedly pleased about it.  What a fella. ♥

Truen took care of his many babies with tender loving care this week.  Lamby, Baby Lamby, and the little pink pig whose name I've forgotten.  Baby Lamby is one of those stuffed animal/blankie combo doodies.  He devotedly (and delightedly) changed her diaper for two days straight, even bringing it to the library to show our friend Alice.  Changing the diaper consisted of folding each side in, then folding the bottom to the top.  "I'm changing Baby Lamby's diaper!" he said every. single. time. and would then tenderly pick her up and hold her to his chest.  It was enough to make any mama's heart melt.

Schtinky AKA Jamie is climbing on anything and everything.  The places I've found him!  Enough to make any mama's eyes bulge.  The tea party table, the couch, the living room loveseat, the sunroom loveseat, the bedside table, little chairs, the chest we are using as a barricade from the plant-filled bay window, and the worst, climbing up an extra tall stool (the spare we keep for guests) and onto the top of the antique drop-front desk we keep in the kitchen.  Taller than the table!  Yes, it is as bad as it sounds.  I was in the living room and heard rumpstering but had no idea of the danger until I walked into the room.  The stool is usually against the wall with its little steps stored away, but someone had gotten it out (very unusual) and left it out (not very unusual).  He looked so proud, too, with his little 6-toothed grin.  UGH.

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