Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Listy-list, full of woe and whoa

  • Today was a "Now what??" kind of day.  The type that while addressing one mess/issue/blow-out, another one crops up instantaneously.  Back-to-back-to-back.  Like, what time is it? . . . because what did I just do all day??  Disheartening.
  • Jamie's list of words include: Uh-oh, Dada, Hot, Sharp ("ahhwp"), and the names of two of our cats: Toots (sounds like "T-ts"), Kizzle (sounds like "K-zl")
  • He is climbing on everything.  Ev.ery.thing.  Everything.  There have been a number of times the past few days that I've had to confine him to the backpack because I'm just not able to hover over him for hours on end.
  • He has also started biting in retaliation to being pushed over the edge of reason with his brudders.  I don't blame him, because sometimes they just don't quit.  When we hear the screaming and see the little head wiggling back and forth, we know he's going in for the kill.
  • I had to have my picture taken yesterday for a new passport card.  Talk about a blow to my vanity.  Oy.  I just have to remember . . . I don't look like a pale spotty floating head . . . I don't look like a pale spotty floating head . . . I don't look like a pale spotty floating head.  Not usually, at least.  I hope.  Uff.
  • I was gone all yesterday taking care of a variety of business and today it was as if our house blew up, i.e. I wasn't home to manhandle life into submission.  We were all starving and there was crap strewn everywhere.  It really is best to stay home as much as humanly possible.
  • Truen has taken to hiding food around the kitchen if/when he doesn't want to eat it.  I've been wondering for the last couple of weeks why hunks of chomped-on cheese or scrambled eggs were lying under the table legs.  So oddly, as if placed there.  Of course it was because they were placed there.  Now that he knows I'm on to him, he tried hiding a chunk of scrambled egg behind a cabinet this morning.  Yeah. right.  Like that is going to fly.
In in the midst of all this, Diego just created a surprise tea party for the two of us (his brudders are sleeping) and before that, he was enthusiastically cleaning the algae from his goldfish's mini-aquarium and giving them "special food".  Bless his precious heart.  (Though I cringe at the water-mess that must surely have slopped all over...)

Now . . . to the tea party. ♥


lil' mama said...

Hearing about Jaime climbing everywhere and you confining him in the backpack makes me smile.
I.get.it. Here lately they have all started playing together and for the most part aren't climbing up on anything too crazy. :) I did find Isaac on the windowsill the other morning and then standing on the toilet the other day. OY! Love the real life woe's and whoa's. I nod my head in agreement. I bet the tea party was fabulous. Too fun!!

mschirber said...

ummm. yes. woe and whoa!
passport? are you going somewhere??

claire too has been taking, hiding and eating food. pear by the bookshelf, dried fruit behind her dresser. except she is hiding it for future snacktime - as if she doesn't get enough!