Monday, January 16, 2012

Notes on potty training

I was just watching past vids from my archives this afternoon and was chagrined to notice Truen, at age 2, wearing a pair of 6-12 month pants that Jamie, at 12 months, has already outgrown.  I couldn't squeeze Schtinky into them if I tried.  But there was my sweet curly-haired Truen waltzing around in them at two years old.  Wow.

And here are the brudders now --
Truen was "taking care" of Jamie, feeding him raisins

I've been putting Jamie on the potty every morning for the past month or so.  He pees in the potty chair virtually every time and has pooped in it on three instances.  I sit him down, make a whistling noise interspersed with talk about potty, then celebrate every time he pees.  Then he stands up, looks at it and claps, saying, "yayyyyyy" . . . it is the cutest thing. 

When potty training Diego years ago, I noticed that he always had a "big potty" right off the bat in the morning and capitalized on that while training.  Same with Truby.  And now with Jamie, I'm starting even earlier.  Why not?  The sooner he's trained, the sooner I'm done with diapers.  Even if it is just the morning potty right now, that is one less diaper (and less urine drenched into his woolen night diaper cover).  More importantly, he is getting used to his functions.

Just the other night I noticed that he was acting like he was going to sit on the potty.  Sensing that he needed to go, I checked his diaper, felt that it was dry, then sat him down.  He didn't want to sit, squealed a bit, then got up and ran around all nakey.  But guess what?  He did have to go, because he peed all over the floor just as I was getting his night diaper.  Heh.  But the synapses are connecting.  I saw it.

Schtinky gets to see the potty chair in regular use even though Truen is four years old.  Diego used it until he was four-ish as well.  This is due to the fact that our toilet is virtually a high tower.  Our home still has many wheelchair accessible features due to the lady who lived here 15-20 years ago, including the tallest toilet in the world.  It is on this winter's "to do" list to finalllllllly replace it.

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Eric said...

seriously. I was just talking about this with our baby-sitter. I hope Edie is easier to potty train than Eleanor. almost 3.5 years! :) Your boys were great!