Friday, December 28, 2012


On Christmas Day, Jamie was in the sunroom looking at a book.  Squeeze playfully tossed a shirt onto his back, which greatly offended him.  "Hey-ah!" he said, "Back-ah!" and clutched at his shoulders.

This story is so Jamie.  He is hilarious.  At two years old, he has been adding an "ah" to the end of most of his words.  "Back-ah", "Food-ah", "Big-ah", "Snack-ah" and so forth.  This kid jumps off furniture.  When the eight-year-old twins from across the road come over and all the boys are rampaging around the house in full battle gear, he's right in the thick of it.  He tells us to "stop it" if any of us are doing or saying something he doesn't like, including this morning when I asked him if he could show me how he can go potty on the potty-chair. 

Yeah.  He's spunky.

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