Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Slugs and snails and puppy dog tails

I've been trying to remember to have Diego shower every couple of days.  He stinks.  Seriously: an eight year old with heinous B.O.?  I am so sad.  (Though I do remember one of my brothers being especially stinky around that age.  EDO.)

In the summer, the fellas just take a shower with Blaine at the end of the day.  But in the winter, it is up to me to remember to ensure that they get semi-regular washings.  Otherwise the smells start getting a little "off", even in the udder brudders.

So this morning, I had Diego take his shower after me.  He asked me to get the goggles for him so he could lay down and pretend he was being rained on in the amazon.  I love that.

We are working from the ground up as he learns how to check the water before he gets in, make sure it is the correct temp, how to adjust the water flow, that kind of thing.  And I still need to double-check with him to ensure that all areas get a good scrub.

I'm also trying to instill the habit of getting dirty clothes in the hamper before the shower, but I forgot about it this morning.  Oh well, I thought, I'll follow up afterward.  When I checked the floor and didn't see anything, I was so pleased that he had taken the initiative to put them away himself (he's really good about hanging up his towel).

So I went into the living room and said, "Diego, thanks so much for picking up your dirty clothes without me having to ask.  That is really great!  I really appreciate it."  Right as I said it, he looked up with a sheepish grin as I saw that he had put the same dirty clothes right back on.

So we really do have to direct and redirect every. single. life skill.  Note to self.


Ashley said...

Many things I love about this:

1. Little EDO with B.O. -- I believe it.

2. I remember my Ma doing the same thing with one of my little brothers. He's a lot older than DKDS and he still needs reminders on occasion.

3. Being rained on in the amazon? Goggles? Brilliant!! I wish I was that imaginative.

4. I'm sure I would think about it as a mother, but I went "huh" when I read about teaching the boy about each part of showering... checking water temperature, adjusting as needed, what to wash...

5. And putting his dirty clothes back on. What a boy!!

I like hearing about the little things that are happening in your life. Keep 'em coming.

lil' mama said...

C LOVES showers and goggles in the tub:)

Dirty clothes right back on - saw that coming! :) Hahahaha! Gotta love boys!

Dan said...

Touching to think the Diego didn't want you to have to wash so many clothes that he decided the ones he was wearing could use another day or two of use! My folks have told me about sending me to camp for a week and me returning with the suitcase unpacked and still wearing what they sent me in!!! I didn't see a thing wrong with that (then).