Friday, January 03, 2014

The Big Brother Effect

See the glee? They were totally bugging him in this picture.

"That dummy Trwuen is dwiving me cwazy!"

Jamie told me this in a play voice this morning, just joking, and continued to tell me that Truen had destroyed his "thwift" store.  I was focusing on getting breakfast made so I'm still not quite sure what he was talking about but it definitely made me laugh, then gave me pause for reflection.

Because really . . . neither Diego nor Truen would have ever talked like that at three years old.  (I would have been appalled!)  They wouldn't have had any frame of reference for that kind of language.  But three year old Jamie?  With two big brudders?  Oh my.

His target is usually Truen and I've heard him call him "dork" multiple times in recent days.  But today?  Dummy.  Oh dear.  This is definitely the year we've started the "You are an example to your younger brudder(s)" talks.  We have been on patrol and there has been plenty of reprimands and redirection, but man . . . it still leaks through somehow.  Eegads.

I will comfort myself with knowing this is normal (I could hear my mom laughing as I composed this post in my mind while finishing breakfast), aside from the fact that he sounded so darn cute and funny while saying it, of course.  I will also choose to remember this afternoon, when he came into the kitchen and exclaimed, "Trwuen! Your bawling game is totally awesome!"

Danie Blizzard indeed.

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