Friday, January 17, 2014

Early mornings with E-yi-ya

Baby Eliah wakes me up bright and early every morning.  On rare days I get to sleep until 7:00-ish, but more commonly we are up at 6:00-ish AM.  Looking back at all the brudders' baby calendars, I see that early mornings were common with at this age with all of them without much exception (though I only really remember it with Jamie).

It whittles any solitude and/or down-time down to an hour (on the good days).  Ramifications include the lack of any real contemplative thought, a serious down-sizing on planning time, no quiet mornings, etc.  But the sweetness.  Oh, the sweetness.  I realize this time is fleeting and by and large, have been able to accept it with grace and affection.

 The folded cloud sheet is to block the books from the afternoon sun

Most mornings are just like this (though more frequently by lamp-light).  We sit with a basket of baby toys or blocks and he plays while I stare and hand him toys or stack blocks.  In more recent weeks, he likes to climb up on me and practice kneeling or standing up with all kinds of baby burblings and drool.

A few different times he has gotten up earlier than he should and has snoozed, snuggled in my arms, before anyone else even wakes up.  These early morning naps are precious to me.  Precious.

The udder brudders generally wake up anywhere from 7:30 AM - 8:30 AM.  When Jamie is the last to rise we read our school books in the morning peace.  Sometimes I have Diego sit with the baby while I take a shower (he's been the first one up in recent months - it is usually Truen).

I love the peace-filled acceptance of these early mornings.  It helps me to remember to savor the time.

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Ashley said...

What a doll. Eliah's cheeks in the second photo!!! His little lips! His little wisps.

And the sun shining in -- lovely!

Miss you.