Thursday, March 31, 2016

I have to write it down ASAP

 The little dinosaur on the left

Eliah has been saying the most hilarious things recently.  He has moved into longer sentences that allow for greater complexity in communication.  It has been delightful to hear what is going on in his little mind.
****  ****  ****

"Why you call me Doll?"

:: To Blaine, whose nickname for him is, you guessed it, "Doll".

****  ****  ****

Mama (calling from the kitchen): "I'm ready for boys to get the table ready to eat....!"
Eliah (from the other room): "Be patient, Mama."

****  ****  **** 

"I naughty and you dumb."

:: What he said as I walked into the bathroom after his two-minute time-out.  I laughed at this one for quite a while. 

 ****  ****  ****

"I catched this restapede."

:: Proudly showing Diego the millipede he caught. 

  ****  ****  ****

"I do it myself!"

:: Like a broken record.  Last month it was "Me do it by myself!"

 ****  ****  ****

"What's a-daaaaaat?"

:: The question of the day, every day, all day.  Answers simply result with another question.

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Ashley said...

"I naughty and you dumb".

HA. What a guy.