Sunday, August 27, 2006

I require answers

There are a few questions that have been bouncing around in my head recently:

  • Is it really expensive to buy fresh vegetables and fruits? I read this on a blog the other day (I've heard it before too). Really?? The commenter on the blog proceeded something to the effect of, "Fresh fruits and vegetables are too expensive for our family to buy". Really?? What on earth are these people eating? I mean, seriously: what - are - these - people - eating - ? I've been quite mystified since. Surely canned fruits and vegetables are more expensive than fresh. Aren't they? Cereal definitely is. Meat? Maybe they eat 100% pasta (plain).
  • Why do people with pet dogs allow them to bark as they please? This includes barking at walkers, bikers, people walking into buildings across the street, and anything that moves. Maybe they've just given up? Perhaps they are immune to the irritation.
  • Why do I have more zits now, at the age of 28, than I did in all my teenage years combined? I don't have any conclusions on this one; however, I am thankful that I don't care as much. Then, it would have been complete mortification. Now, it's mostly feelings of slightly perturbed annoyance.
  • Why are people gung-ho to start their baby on solids at the age of 4 months? That is so many more miserable months of punishment, cleaning out disgusting diapers. Starbeans is 13 months: we've been cleaning out his toxic dumps for 2 months now. It is H-O-R-R-I-F-I-C. Another added benefit of delaying solids!

and finally,

  • Why can't it be fall yet?


Mama C-ta said...

Yeah I don't understand the rush for solids either. At all despite growing evidence of the benefits of waiting.

The dog thing, well mine aren't barkers but they are annoying. I've kind of given up on them :)

Fresh fruits and veg are very expensive to me especially when you buy organic from Whole Foods. I still buy them though, I don't do canned! I do frozen though, so very convenient :)

Acne at 29 for me, yeah cuz personal hygiene has taken a back seat to Cricket!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Canned are cheaper, but I am wondering what other things people buy that they don't need- and then they would probably be able to afford fresh fruits & veggies! Fruit is a yummy snack to my kids, but they don't know what it's like to have junk food.

We don't let our dog bark (without scolding her) but she does bark sometimes when she's out in the yard- can't help it!

Acne... same here sometimes. I think my body is just OFF sometimes! Or trying to figure itself now. But yeah, like you, I am glad that it wasn't like this when I was less sure of myself!!

I don't understand the early solids thing- especially the mess just trying to get it IN the baby, nevermind when it comes out! My little guy is almost 10 months and still mainly breastfed. It's great!

And oh, it's fall where I am and I am LOVING it!

purple_kangaroo said...

Fresh fruits and veggies may end up being more expensive if you buy organic, have a lot of wastage with peeling, coring, etc. and then don't use them all up before they go bad--especially if you calculate in the extra prep time.

Frozen veggies may even be nutritionally superior to fresh unless the fresh are REALLY fresh (i.e. haven't been sitting around the store and in transit for days), and they keep better and are quicker/easier to prepare.

I like to use fresh veggies, but I'm finding out I really end up with a lot of wastage. I'm hoping we can get a bigger freezer soon so we can do a few more frozen veggies.