Thursday, August 17, 2006

A list that inspires sentiments

I'm a BIG fan of nostalgia as well as a a list hound.

I combined the two in a daybook entry from a few months back that I'd like to share with the general public (that reads my blog).

Things that remind me of:

Grandpa C.

  • hot, black dirt
  • pole beans
  • carrots
  • big gardens
  • prickly cucumber stems
  • pin-striped overalls
  • handkerchiefs - red, blue
  • TV golf
  • bottle rockets

Grandma C.

  • heavy whipping cream
  • big turkey dinners
  • potato salad
  • peanut butter on a spoon
  • canned pickles
  • tooth picks
  • leg brace
  • cane
  • "set" hair
  • The Wig

Together -

  • the smell of boxwood
  • the smell & feel of a dank basement
  • canning jars filled with vegetables
  • pheasant drinking glasses
  • state spoons
  • moss

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