Thursday, June 14, 2007

Photo essay of interest:

What the World Eats

I ran into this through another blog that I peek at now and then. It is so interesting! I've seen some of these pictures in a magazine at one point in time and I especially remember the Japanese family, for some reason. Looking through the pictures again, I am fascinated by how many families are pictured with bottles of Coke. Good grief! The American families (British as well) stuck out with how little vegetables they had; for shame. I suppose it is a good representation of the American Diet, though. Sheesh.

I just love that family from Ecuador, don't you??

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ms said...

WOW! this is fascinating! you are right - the veggie void was obvious! and i was drawn the the dollar difference as i am thinking about our grocery budget right now. crazy how much you can spend on crap!