Thursday, June 21, 2007

Snags explored

Closing on our new farmstead will be postponed until sometime next week, now for two reasons:

  1. Verification of Employment. Because Squeeze will not be offered the job officially until his drug test comes in clean, the earliest we will be able to verify income is Monday or Tuesday of next week. After our lender gets that information, they will notify our title company, who will overnight the closing package to us -- we will sign it in front of a notary, overnight it back to them, and they will record it.
  2. Title Easements. Some kind of drain tile installed years ago implicated 166 acres in the area (nowhere near our future property) and a quit-claim deed must be signed by two outside parties in order for title to be clear. This shouldn't be a problem -- in fact, resolution of the easement should coincide nicely with our income verification. So even if we had our loan in 100% order, closing would have still been postponed.

We asked our sellers if we could move in on Saturday [as planned] and pay them one week's rent, as we hope to close by Wednesday, but they wouldn't hear of it. Not only are they older, but they are very emotional about having to sell their dream place, so I think they are going to stick it out to the bitter end -- even though they themselves have said, "All we have is a bed and a card table here." No matter. We will set up camp at Squeeze's parents' house until we are able to close. I look at it as potential for fun and relaxation instead of fixating on the fact that we won't be able to settle in for yet another 4-5 days (maybe more, depending). The other factor that relieves my stress is that the sellers are fine with us moving all of our possessions in on Saturday, as planned. If we had to put everything in storage and move twice, I would be living in an entirely different emotional landscape.

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