Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Keeping cool

Squeeze bought Starbeans an inflatable pool while we were at my parents' house. It is the best - we [both] love it. After 4 hot hours in the car yesterday, we donned our bathing suits and splashed ourselves silly. Squeeze had to go straight to bed, as he is still working nights; his sleep schedule has been out of whack for several weeks now and there is no point in trying to get back to a day-sleeping schedule. He only has a week and a half left. YESSSSSSS. I am really happy about that. It will be nice to have him back. What a pain in the butt night-work is.

About the ponytail -- isn't it just darling? I suppose we'll eventually crack and have to cut his hair, but the curls are so sweet and I can't bear the thought. The ponytail made its appearance fairly quickly after sitting in a hot, wind-whipped car for a few minutes. He didn't seem to mind one bit and it caused us to melt into oozy puddles of affection.

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