Thursday, June 14, 2007

Toast in June

We are having an extremely dry June here in Minneapolis. We are avoiding watering in the attempt to conserve on water; in fact, I've been watering our outdoor plants with Starbeans' bathwater. It's actually kind of fun, albeit a bit time consuming compared to just turning on a hose. [However, "just turning on a hose" at our house also involves work: when the large back addition was put on however-many-years-ago, there went the outside faucet. We have to hook the hose up to our laundry room faucet in the basement through an open window. Kind of a pain, obviously.] Today, I finally cracked because the rhododendrons, mock oranges, and lilacs were all wilting beyond belief. I felt so sorry for them that when I filled Starbeans' pool, I gave everything a bit of water. Poor things. Thankfully, they've all sprung back.

In other news, we are closing and moving a week from tomorrow! June 22nd. Talk about Club Intensity! I feel fairly laid back at this point, but it is unnerving to contemplate what the next week will look like. Trying to pack up an entire household and say our goodbyes in the space of a few days. I can imagine we will be completely drained when all is said and done. I tell myself it will be worth it; and it will, but, crap. What a lot of work.

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ms said...

i was just thinking today about how silly it is to have a lawn in minnesota. we get to enjoy it green for such a brief time.....but then where would we put the pool :)