Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Well, Squeeze got the job he was after. We couldn't be more pleased. The only hitch: we need a Verification of Employment letter faxed to our lender by this Friday morning [to close on the new place] and he won't be officially offered the job until next week (after the drug test he is taking right now comes back clean). Unbelievable. But...we are so happy about the job that all the bother of postponing closing and the variety of snags that come with it barely makes a dent in my brain. Wheeeeeee! We're home-free!! He starts July 2nd, so we have a week to settle into our new digs before going back to the new-old grind.

I think I should very dramatically change the name of my blog to Farm Wife.


Lyndi said...

congrats farm wife and farm husband! just in the nick of time.

Jenni said...

Congratulations!! That is wonderful news, sounds like your dreams are all kind of piecing together all at once. What a wonderful new adventure!