Monday, October 01, 2007

Baby Kittens

I haven't posted on this yet, but we have little baby kittens at our house! Mama Kitty showed up 2.5 weeks ago and had the kittens a few days later. My goodness, just what we needed: more cats. [I should add, though, that we only have 2 cats inside now. The other 2 found new homes before we moved, which caused much angst and many tears.]

Squeeze was particularly tender towards her and built a little nest in a box while we were deciding what to do with her, a pregnant cat of all things. She gave birth that night. I must say, though, that it is a lot of fun to have them around. They are so sweet. Additionally, I have never been around a mama cat or kittens, so it is somewhat of a thrilling experience for me. They've already grown so much.

The first night

Two days old

Almost 2 weeks old

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Jennifer said...

Adorable! If I weren't afraid of becoming the crazy cat lady (and my condo was bigger), I would grab another in a second!