Friday, October 05, 2007

Apples galore

I tested my hand at drying apples, following the instructions from the Food Drying book I bought on ebay last spring. My bounty was small, as I learned the hard way to use glass only. After the ascorbic acid dip, the apples burnt the crap out of the metal pans (fresh out of the box - a not-yet-used wedding gift) I had them on. I didn't want to risk eating anything where metal could have been sponged up, so I tossed them. Two of the pans I had them on were glass and they turned out beautifully. Aren't they pretty?

I also made spiced apple sauce (no sugar added) to use on our pancakes throughout the coming year. When my friend Mimi was here the other weekend, she made a batch that kicked some royal anus. I tried my best to replicate her spur-of-the-moment recipe. Spices used: cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom. We like applesauce on our pancakes instead of sugary-fake syrups; all last year whilst buying organic, sugar-free applesauce and simultaneously pining for an apple tree of my own, I thought, "I can't wait to make it myself!" And now I have. Granted, I could have bought apples from the farmer's market or an apple orchard and done the same thing, but instead...I have my own apple tree. Eeek! It is so thrilling!


Eric said...

Love the pictures of the kittens and Starbeans on the pot. I remember reading caps for sale myself. Sorry about all the yeast--that really sucks! And now that you have me scared about the sippy cup I have no where to turn. :) Eleanor drinks out of a sippy cup with a straw and seems to love her water. ;) I also have a plastic water bottle too...time to get something new! :) The story about the cows is excellent too...I love to hear how our lives are so different. It's very cool to catch a glimpse of what is going on in the lives of others.

a. borealis said...

I know! I feel the same way about reading your is so fun to be part of your lives, if only a little bit. I love that.