Thursday, October 04, 2007

It must be an instinct

This is how he likes to poop, with several books on hand

Starbeans has been using his potty chair almost exclusively for all BMs and peeing. He is now even telling us that he needs to go when he a diaper on. We are so impressed! I am starting to bring the potty chair with us wherever we go, just to cement the fact that this is where we go.

This is week 3 of bare-butt training, which has proven extremely effective. I just got his new underwear washed yesterday, so we'll be starting that process over again. I am so pleased that we started this process before the baby is born; it has been much easier than I would have imagined and it will save a lot of time on diaper washing. Atta boy, Dieg!

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Vendel Family said...

What a big boy Shawna! I am so proud of him :) This is HUGE! He looks so cute just sitting there. When he's 16 and going on his first date, this is a definite "show to the girlfriend" shot...