Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Hello...! Still pregnant. If this were Starbeans, he/she would have been born last Sunday; only it would probably still be nameless, as we've got nothing. Absolutely nothing. Even worse, we think it will probably be a boy (based on the Borealis male-to-female ratio from the last 3 generations), but all we talk about, if we even get the chance, are girl names. What the...? I think all his names are putrid and he thinks all mine are barf. So, we're at an impasse. Our almost-14 year old Star Trek-obsessed nephew brainstormed 2 full pages of mostly boy names; the strongest choice being Kle'eg Hogbarn Borealis. I suppose we could always fall back on that...

I plan to post when things start rolling (if they ever do, wah!), so you all can have something to be excited about. I might even post somewhere along the way, depending on how I feel.

Things in these parts are very foggy, rainy, and drizzly-chilly. It is wonderful. It really reminds me of home, which is to say, Western Washington. It seems like weather like that is almost non-existent on the other side of the state: there were either brash thunder storms or nothing. Drizzle-days were very rare. Or did I just blank out on the last 10 years?

Over and out. Still pregnant. And addled.


Dani said...

Picking a name is the hardest part for me...not that labor is any picnic, but the name stresses me out like no other! Our poor boys have both been nameless for a day or two before I can officially decide! I like your star-trek name...nothing like leaving it up to a kid to decide! Garrett wanted so badly to name his little brother 'Zerbert Snappy Steven Smith'...well that was after months of wanting to hame him Garrett #2! I'm just glad I won on that one!
Good luck and keep us're always in my thoughts these days...wondering if there is a new little one yet!

Anna said...

Mike actually picked out Ada's name after much back and forth over how all of the names I liked were either too "old lady" or just "meh" for him. If she had been a boy, I think she probably would have ended up as Kermit which most people are horrified by. Now, if we have a second one and it's a boy, I'm thinking Eli for some reason. (Most people seem to think that's an improvement over Kermit.)

Jenni said...

You are so close, I can't wait to hear that you are in labor. Checking in often so see if there is any new news. Blessings to you!