Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Twiggy Mama

It has snowed for most of the day today, but it has been the airy kind of snow - not much body, swirling down lightly, barely accumulating. It sure is pretty, though: I'll take it. This afternoon, Starbeans looked out the window (from across the room) and said, "noh". Snow. It was precious. He is also starting to attempt jumping (but never leaves the ground) and crosses his arms. So many new things...

I looked at the clock at 11:11 both morning and evening today. Spooky!

Onto a completely different subject...

My weight is down to 130; it was in the high 120's last week. People are started to get a little freaked out by my stick-like appendages and wonder what is wrong with me. I'm 5'9, by the way. My clothes don't fit, my veins are bulging, my underwear is huge on me, etc. etc. My nursing bras don't even fit anymore.

My BMI is 19.2, so I'm still within the healthy (be it low) weight range for my height, thankfully. I'm pretty sure that I have a fast metabolism anyway and extended breast-feeding (18 months and counting) is really sucking out the calories. I've been trying to eat more, but that can be tiring. I already eat a lot! So much, in fact, that several years ago when while baby-sitting our nieces, they said, "Our mom and dad said that you eat more than anyone in the whole family!" Oh goodness, it was hilarious (and true): I still laugh about that when it enters my mind.

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