Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Reclaiming lost knowledge

I am so pleased. Two books arrived for me in the mail today, ones that I have been stewing on for months. We finally broke down and ordered them on Christmas Eve: a Christmas present of sorts. Neither books are available from either of the library systems we use (Minneapolis & Hennepin County).

The first, by my girl Aviva Jill Romm:

The second, recommended by my girl Aviva Jill Romm, and written by Leo Galland:

I've peeped at them a couple of times this evening, but now that Starbeans and Squeeze are in bed, the night is mine. All mine! I'll leave you with a quote that struck me strongly, something that I have been understanding more and more within the last two years - the lack of community we have fostered for ourselves in American culture.

Reclaiming Lost Knowledge

Because today we lack the extended community common to previous generations, this book is intended as a companion for parents, linking us all in an extended network of families committed to the well-being of children. This network is global. I believe that we can all support one another and reclaim our ability to care for ourselves through traditional, natural remedies if we pick up the threads of the old ways where modern technology took over and and combine the best of both worlds.


Naturally Healthy Babies and Children - Aviva Jill Romm

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