Monday, January 15, 2007

Bupa and eel-like amphibians

My dad was in town for a visit last week. Starbeans calls him Bupa. He gets very excited when he is about to see him (or even thinks about him): we're talking - squealing, arm-flapping, bouncing, and passionate proclamations of, "Bu-pa!!!" And of course, my father simply loves it. They spent a lot of time playing, snuggling, and looking out the window for big trucks and buses. It was sweet.

Interestingly, Starbeans is equally enthralled by Squeeze's dad. He must be a Bupa's Boy.

We went to the Como Park Conservatory on Saturday. Has anyone in the Twin Cities been to the new exhibit?? It was AMAZING...almost worth losing the ethereal old fern room. Go. See it.

This is my brother (the floating head) examining what appears to be some sort of eel or worm, but is actually an amphibian. They never moved. They just hung there.

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