Thursday, January 18, 2007

What's a girl to do?

Has anyone ever had a favorite pet that can't stop peeing in unfortunate places? Like - the living room floor, the kitchen floor, the laundry room floor. We are in a complete quandry (or, at least, I am) over what to do about my most favorite cat, Lester. He is really causing problems (and has been for a long time): and a raw food diet and vitamins C & E aren't helping. We've had him for almost 7 years and I break down and cry at the thought of parting with him.

Squeeze says that thousands upon thousands of people have had to deal with this before us, and that the answer is simple: get rid of the cat. I know he is unhappy about it too, but his thinking is much more pragmatic than mine. In addition, I am willing to suffer [ahem - for another 10 or so years] for my affection while Squeeze is done. Finished. Ready to move on.

Has anyone else gone through this before? Or been close to someone who has gone through this? I need someone to wallow with.


~A-Lo~ said...

Great post. Nice blog :)

Aravinth said...


I am moving to a new house today.

Not feeling so good. I had a great time there. Earned good friends and good luck, a very quite place to pray and relax after a stressfull day. And now will have to leave back a lot of memories.

But again, excited about the new place and hope for a great year ahead.