Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Ultrasound Results

  • The babe is around 4 pounds
  • Estimated due date: 10/28
  • Head-down position (we already knew that)
  • NO PLACENTA PREVIA -- the placenta is in a fine position, along the side
  • We still don't know the gender

It was very fun to see the wee one inside. We got a couple of really good shots of the face - the eyes, chin, & nose - as well as getting to see it move. It was quite a different experience, having an ultrasound at [almost] 32 weeks vs. 21/22 weeks. The baby was so much bigger and took up a lot more space on the screen. It was fun to see it move correspondingly with what I could feel. And, of course, it was so, so cute. Squeeze was able to take the morning off from work and we left Starbeans home with the Borealis grandparents, so we had a leisurely viewing.

I really liked my back-up doctor. This is the first time I had seen a male OBGYN; he was very cool; in fact, aside from my Nurse Practitioner in Minneapolis, the best doctor at an OBGYN clinic I've seen. He out shined the rest, by far. When we parted ways, he said, in the friendliest of tones, "Let's hope we don't see each other again!" [Although, I will be seeing him again, because I'll be bringing in the new babe for the initial check-ups, record of birth, etc. I wonder if he'll put up a stink over choosing not to vaccinate?]

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