Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I fell off the face of the earth and landed in Western WA

Yes, yes.  I'm alive.  After a whirlwind that included a weekend of both boys vomiting for 12-hours apiece (the day before we needed to leave, of course), I'm at my parents' house in Western Washington.

It is lovely -- lush, green spring.  Flowers are blooming, the air has that wonderfully-chill damp feel to it, and best of all, no coats required.  Sweater weather!  It feels so good.  Particularly with the fact that it is 10 degrees lower than usual at home and the landscape is covered, yet again, with SNOW.

Ugh.  Flee!

So we are here with my parents.  I've seen all siblings but one, was delighted by a surprise visit from my SIL who I didn't think I was going to get to see, saw the tide way, way out during the Supermoon, and, deliciously, have slept with the window open every single night.

Exploring the mud flats while the tide is out

Reading with Grandpa 

Just look what the Little Mister can do now!

I've been busy visiting, but I have also been kept on my toes by those little bouncing boys and my sweet baby.  I started this post several days ago!  I don't even know when . . . I've lost track.

As the baggage man at the airport said, "I don't know how you moms do it".  Seriously.  I don't know how we do it either.

The one thing I was pleasantly surprised by en route to my parents' house was the overall support and good attitude met by strangers.  I was prepared to start a ticker-chart of how many times I heard, "Oh boy, I see you have your hands full!" but I didn't hear it at all.  Not even once.

Instead, I heard "You are so patient . . . and what else can you be?  Great job, Mom!" and "You boys were very good little travelers" and (as they were going bananas in the bathroom, Diego running out into the halfway by himself just before) "It gets easier, I promise - enjoy those little guys while you can" and "Escalator??  No.  Let me help you find the elevator!"

It felt so good, particularly that first comment.  I patted her on the shoulder and said, "Thank you so much!  It is so encouraging to hear that."  And it was.  So encouraging.  Without a doubt, it helped me stay calm and work towards patience.

Patience is a skill, right?  One that we all have to work towards, especially with the little tykes.


lil' mama said...

Glad you had a good trip and way to go mom of boys :)

Emily said...

I feel more relaxed for you when you are in WA. So fun. Love the idea of sleeping with the windows open! I am READY for spring like you wouldn't believe. :) If I ever saw you traveling I would have definitely helped you! I just went to my parents this weekend alone and it was spectacular. I smiled knowingly at lots of moms and parents. :)