Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Love and loathing


What a beautiful curse.  Or hideous blessing. 

Which one?

I hate Facebook for the fact that it is a timesuck.  It can stir discontent and jealousy.  At times it makes me wonder why my life is so boring.  I sometimes feel frenzied, like I need to look-look-look and I don't have enough TIME to see everything I could or should.  There are too many people to keep track of. 

Sometimes I am bothered by seeing wear and tear on my peers' faces while knowing that I, too, am aging.

I love Facebook because it keeps me connected to people that I care about.  Folks from my past, ones that I would only wonder about from a distance, and getting a glimpse of their lives.  I love the reconnection factor.  I really enjoy seeing my siblings in action and laughing at old and new jokes.

It can cause unforseen complications and delightful surprises. 

And with all this howling, one would think I'm on there several times a day.  Reality: a few times a month, tops.  Sometimes I even avoid it.

Blasted thing.  I love and hate you simultaneously.



lil' mama said...

I feel the same way and sadly I'm on there every day :( Girl, you've got some good will power!

mschirber said...

yes. i have really appreciated feeling connected with people this winter, when i otherwise have felt so cooped up inside with kiddos, but do wonder how much i could have got accomplished around the house if i had stayed away.
i go back and forth. love and hate.