Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Influenza update

Squeeze went back to work on Monday.  He feels like he is at 80% and took a nap almost as soon as he got home, the poor guy.

He missed all 5 days of work last week.  When you add that to the 5 days he took off for the baby's birth in January, that doesn't leave much for the rest of the year.  And it is only March 1st.  Ugh. 

Bloody influenza.

Diego ended up getting sick, unfortunately.  His fever started on Thursday night and broke in the early morning hours of Sunday AM.  He had all the same symptoms as the other two: fever, chills, headache, hurting eyeballs, etc.

Now what we are left with is that lingering hacking cough and a severe need for an early nap every day.

The baby and I are still holding out.  I've washed my hands so many times that my fingerprints must have worn off by now.  From what we've read, children can be contagious for up to two weeks after initial onset of symptoms, so I still have to exercise extreme caution for another week and a half.  The agony. 

I was having thoughts last night of giving up while nursing at 3:00 AM, which is insane, but I am so tired of being paranoid and viewing my own children as the enemy. 

I just can't wait until this whole mess is behind us.

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