Monday, May 20, 2013

39 weeks

Un-un-un-un.  My mind is boggled.

We have the baby's due date (this coming Saturday, May 25th) marked on our school calendar.  What a visual.  There are only four blank days until that date.  Wow . . .

I washed my nursing bras this weekend (that was weird).  All the babe's clothing is washed.  Diapers are down, I need to double-check whether I need to wash those or not.  Probably.  The box of pads for the lochial flow are out.  I need to find the breast-pump.  Etc.

These are the things I'm thinking about right now.

I took care of all my scattered paperwork this weekend.  I tackled that unpleasant phone-call list this morning.  Freezer meals are taken care of.  I got the majority of next school year's weekly schedule laid out this weekend (my goodness, but did that feel good).  I still need to brainstorm a work list for Blaine's mom (she'll be here for a couple of hours each morning that first week): housework and weeding are on the top of the list.

Other than that, the most pressing need is to complete the seasonal clothing shift.  All summer clothes are downstairs.  Most of the winter clothes have been washed, checked for stains, re-washed if need be, and waited to be folded, then sorted, then put into storage.  It's tough though, because we're in transition: there are still cool days mixed in with the warm ones.

My uterus.

I'm feeling generally good.  Contractions are coming daily; the old girl is practicing.  It is rather annoying, but it just comes with the territory.  TMI, but I've noticed that my flow of urine is either sped up or cut off if/when the baby is bopping while I'm peeing.  It is the weirdest thing.  We are definitely running out of space; all my innards are protesting.  The baby is riding high, so I get heartburn when I get too hungry.  The little sucker is pressing on my stomach and wreaking havoc.

I've also noticed that I am reminded of labor when the babe is pressing down and putting pressure on my pelvic floor.  It makes me remember what is ahead of me and I've realized that I don't want to feel that unpleasant sensation until it is the "real deal".  When I'm able to focus on the task at hand, I'll be ready for it.  Meanwhile, I just don't want to deal with the discomfort.  If that makes sense.  It doesn't happen with much frequency, mostly just when the babe is awake.  His most active time is around 6:00-ish - 7:00-ish PM.  It is better to just sit during that time, or I'm doubled over or stopped in my tracks with the groin spasms, and feeling downright uncomfortable and pressed upon from the insides.

Overall, I'm still not feeling all that antsy.  I am definitely looking forward to having my body back.  I am tired of being pregnant.  But things aren't razzing me like they have in the past.  I'm fine.  I'm honestly fine (though I do feel a little more ragged in the evenings).  I still have a lot of work to do, which helps me maintain my calm.  I am focused on my tasks at hand.

The birth.

For this birth, I will have two midwives (the same two from Baby Jamie's birth), my doula-friend Suz, an18 year old daughter of a local friend, and Blaine.  I will be literally surrounded by women!  I remember feeling so taken care of last time 'round, supported and held up by the three women attending me.  It was wonderful.  I like having Blaine there; to have his solid presence, playing witness and participating in the awe, but I'd rather be tended by women.

The 18 year old, like I said, is a friend's daughter.  She is extremely curious about birth and is interested in becoming a doula.  I figured this would be a perfect opportunity for her to get an inside view of the real deal.  She came to my prenatal appointment with me last week and will be coming with me again this week.  She seems really excited about it, which is fun.

I'm curious to see how this birth pans out.  I am experienced enough by this point to feel like I'm not quite sure what to expect.  Every birth is different.  Diego and Truen were both born around 1:00 AM.  Jamie was born at 10:30 AM.  My water broke 22-ish hours ahead of time the first two times, but not until the very end last time.  My second birth was the most peaceful, the third birth was the most tumultuous, the first birth was the most confusing.  So what will happen...?  I'm not quite sure.  How will it begin?  And when?

It will be very interesting to see what happens.

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lil' mama said...

Praying for you. Love your detailed, thoughtful posts. What a treasure. Hugs!