Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sweet relief

I walked out of the bedroom yesterday morning and realized that my belly had sunk down an inch or two.  The babe dropped in the night, giving my ribs and stomach some blessed relief.

I ate breakfast yesterday morning and felt mostly normal.  I've been forcing myself to eat for awhile now because I know I'll pay for it if I don't.  The fee?  Heartburn and feelings of fatigue and ill-will toward men.  It is so nice to not be pressed upon, though peeing is now even more of an emergency.  Oh well.

The babe has moved into a different position because of it.  His back and butt are right in the middle of my belly (they had been on the left/upper-left for months) and his feet are much lower and switched from upper-right to the middle-left side.  I guarantee I will measure smaller at my prenatal appointment today.

I've only had one other baby drop like this.  It was with Baby Truen, also in the night, and coincided with my water breaking.  He was born the following night.  Not the case with this one!  But whatever, it is one step closer.  I still have a lot to do.

And ultimately, it is so nice to have a little more space.  The boob-shelf is gone.

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Anne said...

I wish I would have felt that! Olivia didn't drop, which is ultimately why my doctors decided a C-section was necessary. She just never really got down into the birth canal even with pushing. But she was also turned a bit and had an elevated heart rate. Anyway, I hope you get your "to-do" list done and that this babe comes soon! Can't wait to hear about it!