Saturday, May 25, 2013

Holding steady

Nothing has changed other than the baby dropping last week.

I'm still feeling fine, just fine.  It actually makes me a little worried, because I've been so antsy and irritated at the end of my other pregnancies that it makes me wonder if we're in for another couple weeks.  I don't even like contemplating that, because honestly . . . I really would like to be done.  Just give me a few more days and not a few more weeks, little baby.  Please?

I found my breast pump in with the newborn diapers this morning and thought, "Oh, I am so smart!"  Seriously.  That was some good thinking.  I remember packing everything away last time 'round with sorrow, assuming I would never use it again.  But I packed things away with forethought nevertheless, "just in case". 

When Baby Truen was born I was completely unable to find the breast pump (granted, we had just moved) and ended up seriously bruising my breasts in the process of trying to relieve some of the pressure.  Yeouch.  That hurt.

So yes . . . . there aren't really updates other than to say that nothing is happening.  I am getting contractions on and off, but it isn't anything consistent and they are usually triggered by working too long in the kitchen.

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