Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Two things.

First off, sick kids.  Yes.  Un-un-un-un.

Truen played outside for most of the afternoon on Sunday alongside Blaine as he weeded the garden and cleared a ski trail through the trees.  He felt fine and acted totally normal until he came inside and crumbled into a sore throat and runny nose.  It seemed to come out of nowhere.  Then the next day he had an upset stomach.  Warm compresses and a warm bath seemed to help a lot on Monday and he feeling better today, thankfully.  The sore throat is gone, his stomach is fine, and he has a just the scantest trace of residual congestion.  So weird.

Part II.  Jamie was complaining of a headache yesterday.  It was so cute (and sad) to see him holding his dimpled little [big] hand up to his forehead to show me.  Things developed into a fever mid-afternoon, which turned into puking mid-evening.  He spent all last night blazing hot in hazy sleep, the poor little guy, with a 101.3 degree F temp.

His fever broke this morning around 10:00 AM.  He ate a piece of toast with yogurt, got down out of his chair and said, "Me fine, Mama.  Me fine", then proceeded to go get our copy of The Very Hungry Caterpillar and ask me to read it to him.  He acted more like himself after that and crashed into an early afternoon nap around noon.

Diego is yet unscathed.

All this makes me very happy that this babe has not made his grand entrance yet.  I can't imagine laboring or recovering with a newborn while one of my boys is feverish.  That would be very hard on me.

Besides, we still don't have a name.  Heh.  But seriously.  We don't.  And I bet no one is surprised.

Secondly . . .

I did the math yesterday and realized that I have had an extra 5 days gestation with each subsequent pregnancy, at least based off the projected due date.  For realz.  Very strange.  Diego was 8 days early, Truen was 3 days early, Jamie was 2 days late.  If we follow the pattern, then this little fella will be 7 days late and born on Saturday.  What if??  That would be really weird.

So yes.  I'm still holding tight and feeling fine with it.  I'm glad to be pregnant still with sick little guys.  That is so much easier than the opposite scenario.  I just hope nothing will develop until this whatever-it-is clears outta our house.  Believe me, I can wait.  I want to enjoy my birth and those first few days with my new babe.  Not stress or distress.

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