Thursday, May 30, 2013

Various updates

Updates do not include a baby on the outside of my womb.  Or any rumblings therein.

They do include:
  •  A concerning lack of nesting instinct.  Seriously, I'm not feeling that compulsion.  A first.  Does this mean I'll be pregnant until the end of time?  Kidding.  But seriously.  Maybe another week...?  It seems odd.
  • Lots of contractions triggered by the babe's activity level in the evening hours, coupled with my body's fatigue after a long day.  Very unpleasant.  It includes lots of pushing on my innards and groin spasms that don't go away when I sit or lay down (oh joy).
  • The babe moved back up, recommencing pressure on my ribcage and stomach.  I measured 44 inches at this week's prenatal because of it.  Last week I measured 39 and 3/4 inches.
  • The enjoyment of sweet snuggle sessions with our little 2 year old and the ability to pay concentrated attention on the older boys.
  • And time to get "one more thing done".
  • I am also experiencing the strangeness of planning my week (menu outline, activities, errands, schoolwork, housework, etc.) with such a huge, distracting, life-altering event on the horizon.  I keep weekly lists in my organizing notebooks, something I usually do in the solitude of Monday mornings.  Very helpful in keeping me on track.  
  • My agenda is loose enough, but I am still left wondering, "Maybe I should get at X today, because I might not be able to do it tomorrow".  Like today.  I need to go to the meat locker to restock to ensure we have enough food for my parents to work with while they're here.  But I'd rather go tomorrow, because that is an ILL delivery day at the library.  But dare I wait?  That kind of thing.
Overall, I am still doing fine.  I feel good (and normal) throughout most of the day and have been surviving the evenings.  I want to accept this waiting game with grace.  There are certainly many, many women who have waited much longer than I ever have.

I can take it.  I will wait in peace.

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