Friday, April 14, 2006

The Lady Cardinal

We have a pair of cardinals in our neighborhood. They like to come to our yard and pluck pieces of the dead rosemary bush that we didn't bring in last winter (we're Zone 4 here...Rosemary is not a perennial in MN).

They are building a nest with the rosemary twigs. Aside from chickadees, nuthatches, and little rosy finches, I think that I like the cardinals the best. They are the royalty of the Urban Bird Population: and while the male is showy and striking with his brilliant red body and black face, I think I like the subtle beauty of the female best. She is brown with just a trace of red, a black face, and the most beautiful orange beak. She is radiant!

I can honestly say that I get excited every time I see them in the yard.

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