Friday, April 21, 2006

An Ardent Plea

Have you taken the Meyers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator yet?

I have been infatuated with this temperament test for 5 years now, ever since I was introduced to Please Understand Me II (D. Kiersey) by a friend at work. I've taken it in a variety of forms: long vs. short, online vs. paper, at work vs. at home. Almost every time I take it, I second-guess myself into thinking that I will get different results than before - but it has never happened. I am unbelievably consistent.

When you're taking the test, go with your gut instinct - you may waver in-between questions, but go with you do or think most often.

Here is a bit of info on what the letters and their combinations mean:

NF: Idealist - abstract in terminology, cooperative in tool usage
NT: Rational - abstract in terminology, utilitarian in tool usage
SJ: Guardian - concrete in terminology, cooperative in tool usage
SP: Artisan - concrete in terminology, utilitarian in tool usage

E: Extroverted (energy from people)
I: Introverted (energy from being alone)
N: Intuitive (abstract)
S: Sensing (concrete)
T: Thinking (decisions based on logic and reason)
F: Feeling (decisions based on feeling)
J: Judging (not judgmental - judging. Having a basic instinct on what you think/feel)
P: Perceiving/Probing (having to probe into things to see what you think/feel)

Read Please Understand Me II for a deeper understanding. It is written in layman's terms; it costs 15 dollars and is available at your local bookstore. But take the test online first. When you've completed the test, google your letter-combination: for example, INTJ or ESFP. You'll find several different sites with descriptions of your results. I like the pages within the "Portrait" family. You'll see what I mean.

If your curious about me, I am an ENFP: The Champion. Or, as this page says, The Inspirer. And yes, this description describes me to a T. There are things within it that I've never been able to verbalize, but when I read it, I thought, "That's it!! How did they know??"

A word to the critics: This test is not meant to pigeon-hole folks. It points people in a general direction rather than forcing them into a particular mold. With 4 basic categories and 16 different sub-categories, there is a lot of wiggle room.


TulipGirl said...

I took the "official" version of it about. . . oh. . . seven years ago. I was answering truthfully, to the degree that I could. But I hated the either/or when it was easy to see myself in both situations. I answered in accordance with who I thought I was, who I thought I was supposed to be, who I wanted to be. . . Like I said, truthfully, but blurred. . .

Interestingly, in several of the categories I was just *slightly* one or the other. Except N. I was an N and am an N. *grin*

And through the years, I've realized I'm a very strong I. Who likes people, is comfortable in social situations--but much prefers them on my terms. (My I-ness coming out. I love public speaking, energized by it even--but I'm behind the lectern, which is in line with my I-ness. . .)

So, I'm clearly and comfortably IN--. The other two. . . still a bit fuzzy at times.

Interestingly, I listened to a set of career dev't tapes a couple of years ago that had a great impact on my parenting. It helped me see how much I wanted to nurture my children as they grown into who God has created them to be. Obvious, huh? Yet, it seems so often as Christian parents we act and parent in a way to direct them into becoming who *we* *want* them to be instead. . .

A. Borealis said...

Tulipgirl, I knew you were an N - simply by reading your blog. You've got the abstract communication going down, BIGTIME. I love it.

You are definitely right about the I. People get confused and think that someone who is Introverted is "shy". This is simply not the case. It is a matter of where you get your energy, not whether a person is shy or not.

Thanks for commenting!

Christian said...

I am an ENFP too. The thing that I liked best about reading my profile is that it nailed my weaknesses. Really helps to understand yourself.