Thursday, April 20, 2006

Confessions of an AFV Lover

What is AFV, you ask? America's Funniest Home Videos, now hosted by my main man Tom Bergeron.

Yes, people: I've loved America's Funniest Home Videos since elementary school (it's been on the air for 17 years), back when funny-man Bob Saget was the host. I thought he was hilarious then, but I've seen re-runs since and I've changed my mind. Daisy Fuentes and that one guy paired up as hosts for awhile too, but they were a flop. But: I don't truly care about the hosts. I just love watching people biff it.

  • The man on ski-blades, rolling on a sandy beach, shouting, "Get out of the way!" to a woman on a leisurely walk: she didn't know which way to go, neither did he, and BOOF - collision.
  • The old woman with a giant bowl of syrupy red juice, turning around while saying, "Now be careful kids, I'll take care of this", and SPLOOSH - the bottom breaks out of the bowl and she is left skidding across the very narrow kitchen, clinging to cupboards in a pool of sticky liquid
  • The birthday party, on the patio, above the pool with the middle-aged guy proudly bringing out the birthday cake without watching where he was going, and SKEEETKTH -tripping over a chair, he and the birthday cake do a nose-dive into the pool, bringing in a poor bystander with them

But my most favorite has got to be the Music Montages. Watching 10-15 people wipe out in the exact same way to a pleasing beat? Get me the remote and rewind that baby at least 3 times! I also love using the "slow-mo" option on the remote and watching the BIFF-BOOF-BAM over and over in slow motion. No, I am not sadistic.

Besides hysterical laughter, I think I find a lot of joy in watching other people being simply human. We all botch a judgment call now and then. How many people haven't called a stranger "Mom" while not paying attention at a store? I know I've biffed it in a wide variety of amusing ways, never to be caught on camera (yet). I think I enjoy the realism: we aren't plastic, we aren't all the exact same size and shape, we don't have the perfect hair and make-up at all times, we are clumsy now and then. But most importantly, we all belong to a group of family or friends. I would say 98% of the clips shown take place within that context. It's wonderful! And now that I have a baby, the infamous Baby Clips have become quite appealing as well. Imagine that.

So now you know it: I'm a BIG fan.

We tape the show every Sunday night (when Extreme Makeover: Home Addition doesn't crowd it out). That way, the laughs can keep on rolling, minus the commercials, with our handy-dandy remote. AFV: what a show.

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