Sunday, April 09, 2006

Pamper Me Nails

I saw a Nail Shop the other day. You know the kind - acrylic, fillings, french manicures, fancy-schmancy colors and lengths. Maybe even pierced nails, like a pierced tongue.

I can't remember exactly where it was, but it was called "Pamper Me Nails". That seemed like such an odd name to me: like someone should take charge and punctuate it to put a little order and sense into the title (Sticklers Unite!). I read it like "Pamper my nails"; only in my head it is, "Pamper me nails!" Definitely with an exclamation point, in pirate voice.

I've done a little punctilious punctuation brainstorming. If I may:

  • Pamper Me: Nails
  • Pamper Me! Nails
  • Pamper Me - Nails
  • Pamper Me, Nails

Argh matey, pamper me nails!

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