Sunday, April 09, 2006

Ookie-ookie Baby Talk

Talking baby gibberish to Starbeans is so natural; it came on spontaneously and comes out just as smoothly. And he loves it.

Some examples:

  • "Wookie at 'dis!" - Looky (otherwise known as look) at this! I say this when I'm bringing him around or pointing at something that I think he'll find interesting.
  • "What wong?" - What is wrong? This comes out if he is whimpering or crying for a reason unknown.
  • "But why are you cwying?" - In the same vein as above.
  • "Hewoh darlene" - Translated: Hello darling.
  • "It's baff-time darlene" - It's bath-time darling.
  • "Teley-hones??" Telephone, Starbeans?? (He loves our phone) This one is a Squeeze original.

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