Thursday, April 06, 2006

A Reader: Trying to Write

I feel like I am better at reading (& percolating) than I am at writing; however, I feel compelled to blog. I've been thinking about it for a long time. Something inside me says, "BLOG". I love reading 'em, so why don't trying writing 'em? Or 'um.

My main fear is that I will completely forsake my daybook; my second fear is that I will expose myself to a level of vulnerability that I am uncomfortable with. But, crap: I've embarrassed myself in big and small crowds more than once (some which I remember fondly, others which I wish I didn't remember at all).

For future reference, from this point forward:
  • My husband is known as "Squeeze"
  • My baby is known as "Starbeans"
  • I am known as "A. Borealis"

I've seen the Aurora Borealis once; it blew my mind. I was probably 20 years old at the time. Before that point, I could never understand what the Alaskan fishermen were using as their fabled guide - The Northern Lights, what is that? I pictured a few bright lights in the sky, but just didn't get it. When I saw it with Squeeze, we pulled off the side of the road, sat in a parking lot, and I literally wondered if 1) aliens were landing, 2) the world was ending, or 3) God was making a Grand Entrance. Squeeze was like, "Duh - it's the Aurora Borealis". He saw them with his Grandpa when he was young, so he knew what it was. Lucky!

I've chosen A. Borealis for myself not because I think I'm some mysterious fairy-like light-beam, but because I love what God has created. The intricate design of creation is lovely, intelligent, fascinating, and downright amazing. I particularly love fungi; but I would imagine any potential blog reader may discover this about me at some point.

I also love punctuation. I may not be perfect to a "T", but a well-placed semi-colon starts my wheels turning.

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Life is Beautiful said...

I think you are FAB and I love your blog!

Bloggers unite!