Wednesday, April 19, 2006

This Little Piggy

We had our friend Wilburn over for lunch and cake Easter afternoon. I had to post this beautiful picture of him playing This Little Piggy with Starbeans. It was just so adorable. Starbeans gave him a lot of gummy grins to show how much he enjoyed the new game. It was great! For lunch, we ate curried couscous with vegetables, chickpeas, and chicken. For dessert, a homemade yellow cake. We feasted like dukes and duchess!

Spelling segway: I just spelled "dessert" wrong - I didn't include the 2nd S. It triggered a memory from 4th grade, when Shane Dyke taught our class how to remember the difference between "dessert" and "desert". He said, "Dessert has two S's, because you always want more". So, when I just looked at dessert spelled desert, I thought, "I want more!" and put in another S - oh yes.

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TulipGirl said...

What an amazing, touching photo.